Is there such a thing as the perfect session plan?

Why do I need to plan a training session?

That old saying holds true for football coaches. To get the most out of your team’s training session the coach must be prepared.

Thinking and writing are inextricably bound together – “think it and ink it.” Write out your training session plan!

Your scheduled training sessions are the opportunities for coaches and players to share knowledge. The final goal is to guide your players to  improved performance in their matches.

The Basics
1. First have a plan, a curriculum, for what you want to cover for the season.
2. Second have a lesson plan for each training session.

General Parameters
Do not plan too many activities in a single session Stay focused on your topic
After each session, evaluate the activities by asking the following questions:
• Was the activity too easy, too hard or appropriate to the players’ capabilities?
• Did things flow smoothly?
• Did the players learn?
“You win not by chance, but by preparation.” – Roger Maris

Here we have a basic template that you can download and use.   Use the information at the top of the session plan to keep track of your session number cycle and session topic.

The session template allows you to plan for 4 different activities during your session, or they can be used to plan the pictures/scenarios you wish to work on and develop along with an explanation.  Not forgetting the 4 corners to allow you to specify the aims of each corner for the session.

Football Session plan

Football Session Evaluation

Keep track of the players that were at the session, what their individual objectives were and how they got on with them in the session.  It is important that players meet their own development targets during a session, ensure they know what they are working on.

Also use the 4 corners to set your team objectives and then evaluate the session, don’t think your session is finished when everyone has gone, its important to think about your session and evaluate what worked and didn’t

Football Session plan evaluation