• 6ft 1
  • Nylon Casing, High Quality Latex Bladder
  • Supplied with 2 empty bases- one suitable for sand, one for water depending on your preference, Stud Resistant Outer Casing


The Diamond patented Air Mannequin® has now been upgraded and improved. Due to Diamond’s heavy investment in manufacturing, we have been able to reduce the price.


Airmen now come unweighted and can be made ready for use in 2 different ways. The supplied rubber base can be easily filled with water to give a great rock-about performance, or the supplied empty sandbag can be filled with approx 15kg of sand to give a more rigid effect.


  • The new specialised valve has improved air retention qualities
  • 2 sizes available, the Standard sized model approx 6ft tall, and the new Giant sized version approx 6ft tall
  • Available in 3 colours of red, blue or yellow
  • Spares for any worn or damaged parts available
  • The toughest most practical product of its type anywhere. Please compare performance and longevity with other similar items
  • Designed and developed by Diamond in Great Britain with full patent rights in Europe. USA patent pending


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